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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Exercising faith in your daily routine

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all eercise faith in one way or another throughout the day. I'm not necessarily talking about faith in God here. Just the everyday assumptions we need to make about the world around us in order to function. Will this chair stand my weight? Will the power stay on long enough to get this report typed? Will I have nough time to prepare myself for the net meeting? Will my assistant not let me down?

Eercising faith in God in the same way assumes the same degree of familiarity with the spiritual dimension of live so that we are put at ease and are confident of what God is going to perform through us because we now the promises He has made and are conviced that He will act, because we know and trust Him.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Renewing Faith

Feeling discouraged? Worn down by the relentless pressure to conform to the image presented by the rest of the world?

This is the time to remind yourself of the truth of Psalm 103.

In it we see a pattern, set down fo us fro be fore time. In order to experience renewal we need to enounter the One who made us, heals us, supplies all our needs.

Then, when we have this deep desire for real spirituality met, we will find ourselves renewed in spirit and able to soar over all our circumstances.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Faith in the One who Can...

"Welcome to the church. We're just a bunch of sinners and hypocrites here, so you should feel right at home. And I'm the biggest one of the lot." It was an interesting greeting from the new pastor. He went on to point out that this wasn't an idle boast, nor was it something he was proud of. But it was a fact. Without God's saving power at work in us to transform us, we were nothing but a club of self-righteous wishful thinkers.

"The Christian faith is nothing more than one beggar telling another where to find food," he would say. A no-nonsense apprach, stripped of triumphalism. There was no way we could save ourselves or sustain our spirits by our own feeble efforts. We were totally dependent on the One who Can. With Him, we could raise our aspirationsbeyond the gutter, pulling ourselves out and helping others to do the same. Without Him, we were absolutely lost in a mess of our own making.

"See, I am giving you a choice," the preacher quoted. "And look, the Good Lord even goes so far as to tell you which of the two to choose - choose life!"

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just Believe

The Bible is not a dusty old antique, containing heart-warming stories of how a poerful Go used to act. The same Lord who spoke face to face with Moses, who answered Elijah with fire and raised the sick and the dead through the hands of the Apostles is alive today.

He has not changed, and truth be told, strip away our veneer of sophstication that wants to be independent of Him, we have not changed either. Within all of us is a deep need to know Him.

There is nothing complicated about beginning or deepening our relationship with our Creator. It starts with belief and ends there full-circle in a relationship of trust.

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