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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Believe, because you can!

Faith is merely taking God at His word and then acting upon it.

The first step is to recognise that God is truly faithful. If He has promised, then we can be absolutely certain that He will fulfil all that He has said He would do. If you need another reason to consider why it is essential to both read and understand His Word; there it is! Our capacity to accept divine revelation in our lives is shaped by our understanding of His revealed will. I yu want to know God and his will better, get stuck into His Word and apply it to your own life.

Once that barrier has been broken down, when we can see God's individual promises from His Word applying to our specific circumstances, then we can act.

If God has revealed his will about our situation, then we have not only comfort that it will all work out to the best, but we can speak and live from the perspective that our problems have already been dealt with. Not from a viewpoint that we hope to change the external problems we have encountered by pretening they are not there or wishing them away; but from a view that has already seen them dealt with in order to further God's purpose.

We can believe, not because we're hiding from reality, but because we have experienced for ourselves th inexorable reality that is forcing itself into our lives in order to bring about God's perfect will.

It may not always be pleasant, it may be frustrating - but it is guaranteed for us.

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