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Monday, December 11, 2006

Faith in Faith?

Faith is not some magical force that will do things for you that you should do for yourself. Faith is trust, it is an integral part of a real relationship with a loving God.

To see faith merely as a spiritual force to be believed in and be manipulated is to miss the point entirely. We believe because we have come to know the Father fr ourselves and have come to the conclsion that He is faithful loving, just and all-powerful. Faith grows naturally from this relationship. It doesn't have to be forced by an exercise of the will or imagination.

On the contrary. A true faith teaches us that the source of our power is entirely dependent on focusing on Him, not on the by-products of our relationship. It would be as nonsensical to have faith in faith alone as it would be to assume that possessing an autographed photograph of a celebrity enables us to act on their behalf with their authority devoid of a relationship with them.

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