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Friday, December 22, 2006

Building Faith at Christmas

Advent is a time of preparation. An opportunity to remind ourselves of the hisortical reality that our faith is grounded in. Whether we like it or not, it is inescapable. The same Jesus who was born as a vulnerable human being two millennia ago is the author and source of the entire universe.

For the Almighty to humble Himself to the point where he dwells amongst us, not only to demonstrate how a life of faith should be lived, but to empower us to be able to reign victoriously over our circumstances and see His vision of a world whose inhabitants are in a right relationship with Him come to fruition - this may seem blasphemous to those whose concept of God is deficient, where their idea of deity is constrained by a transcendence that renders Him ultimately impotent. But this scandalous grace is precisely what we have come to experience in our lives.

For us to deny this reality would be to narrow our minds and ignore the transformational power of the resurrection that has already made us into completely different people.

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