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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Faith to Commit

In an uncertain world, it is a comfort to return to the One who loves us supremely and has given us hope, vision, purpose for the future.

At one time we had no hope beyond what we could do for ourselves - constrained by all that could befall us. We had no vision or purpose that did not in some warped way ingratiate ourselves and massage our own pride despite how lofty and altruistic we could make it sound, we knew deep down inside that we were lying to ourselves.

Now, through the revelation given to us, we can see that there is a reason to get up tomorrow, to declare that we will persevere and see through the job we have been given until we see its completion. For our Father is faithful and can be counted on to stand beside us, prompt us, ead us and even carry us if the going becomes too hard for our feeble faith. For it is His work that He has begun in us, and He will not see it fail.

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