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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Faith for complete healing

There is more to being healed than the removal of the symptoms of disease. That, however is a starting point. There is nothing much more bizarre than a person who claims that he has been healed of his sickness, it's just the symptoms that remain.

It is essential that we distinguish between the genuine work of God in healing and people 'just feeling a little bit better'. The Lord of the Universe is not a God of half-measures. Of course, for some, it is part of the process of developing faith, learning to see what God can do. But it is not a final state. It is a provocation to experience more of what the Good Lord is able to do.

I keep thinking - I wouldn't be writing like this if I was currently in ill health. It is one thing to type about the fact that it is God's will for people to be healed completely - from the inside out - that we should not be satisfied with partial healing, but look to the author of all miracles to finish His work through whatever needs to be restored within us. It's another thing however to have to put one's own words into practice.

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