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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Faith for service

"What do you really want?"

Always a dangerous question. Even more so when the one you are talking to already knows what's bubbling under the surface of your consciousness. This time I thought carefully.

I want my ministry to be successful. I want people to have their lives impacted positively by what I preach and do.

"Do you believe that your ministry can do this?"

Suddenly, the light switched on. The first step in seeing my heart's desire fulfilled was faith. If I didn't believe I was going to have an impact through my words, then why should anyone else. On the other hand, it gave me something positive to fix my attention to. I was transformed. I could see my words having an effect on those who heard me - before I'd even uttered a single syllable. I had a firm conviction that what I was going to share would be powerful. I could confess my thanks out loud to my loving Father for what I knew He was doing through me to glorify His name...

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