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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Have Patience! - An Essential Partner to Faith

Hebrews ch.6 v.12 puts it well - we inherit the promises of God through exercising faith and patience.

It is a difficult lesson to learn - particularly for a generation used to instant everything. We want instant spirituality, sanctification, spiritual growth. If we can't wait more than 8 seconds for a web page to load, what chance has answered prayer got?

Fortunately, our Loving Father has made it quite clear to us that He is not a Heavenly vending machine - push in a prayer, out comes the answer (or you give it a good kick to try to jolt it into doing what you want).

He loves us enough to sustain us through times of waiting. If you feel you have no strength of your own left, good. Once you reach the point of surrendering your self-sufficiency, He can step in to work through you to see His vision come to pass.

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